platza "Platza" - (Yiddish for shoulders) is a word not known in Russia, but it is "de facto" American term for venik (whisk) massage. There are several venik massage techniques: waggling, compress, stroking, lashing, rubbing and stretching. The best approach would be to carry out these techniques one after another. With waggling you lightly flutter venik just above the body, maybe gently touching the skin with the tips of leaves. This creates an air flow that warms up the body preparing it for more intense procedures.

With stroking you gently press venik against the body an in one long wavy move draw venik from neck to toes and back. Venik's handle should always go first in the direction of the move.

With compress you raise venik up where the temperature is higher, shake it for a second to gather the heat and then firmly press the venik against the waist, shoulders, feet or knees for 2-3 seconds. While pressing, you may cover venik with a second hand to make the contact tighter. This is particularly helpful against muscle and joint pains. Then you can alternate stroking with lashing - light sliding hits with venik. After that you can start to combine compress and lashing - raise venik up to get some heat, hit the body two three times and then press it against the body for 2-3 seconds.

After second round in the steam room after short lashing you can start rubbing. Take a venik by the handle in one hand and press it against the body with a palm of your other hand. Then rub the body making stroking or circular movements while keeping the venik tightly pressed. To finish up you place two veniks on the waist and while pressing them into the body, move veniks apart (to the head and feet), stretching the waist.
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