Sauna Kit - all you need to know to enjoy your sauna relaxation.
What to bring to sauna: slippers, swimming trunks or swimming suit, venik - fragrant bundle of leafy birch or oak tree twigs (optional but highly suggested), oils, and some money to spend.
How to enjoy it: Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time: the sauna is a place for relieving stress and tension - unhurriedly.

The following words of advice from the Finnish Sauna Society are worth remembering: "big meals and alcohol should be avoided before the sauna." (However), " the sauna leaves you not only content but also thirsty and hungry." Then, of course, refreshing drinks should be taken to quench the thirst and restore the body's fluid balance. What you drink depends on local custom. The Finns usually enjoy low-strength beer - nice and cold.

Once in sauna, make sure to dry youself with a towel completely, since water on the body prevents sweating. This is why, during the procedure, it is necessary to dry off the sweat. Cover your head with a towel or a woolen cap , place a small towel on the bench to sit on, both for hygienic reasons and because the bench may feel rather hot.

The temperature in the hot room is a matter of preference but the Finnish Sauna Society recommends from 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. Some people, however, are quite happy in 70 degree heat. What is universally agreed by responsible sauna bathers is that competing to see who can stand the most heat is both silly and unhealthy.

Increase the humidity by throwing water on the stones and after a few minutes of perspiring refresh yourself in the shower or (and) cold plunge or with other clean water. People with heart complaints or high blood pressure should avoid swimming in cold water after leaving the hot room. Between sauna sessions, one can relax in jacuzzior a pool if available.

If you are enjoying the sauna experience, go back into the hot room to perspire more and whisk yourself with the bundle of leafy birch twigs known in Finnish as a "vihta" or in Russian as "venik". Use of the vihta, or sauna whisk, is not essential (and you may not be able to obtain one) but it does enhance the cleansing effect of the sauna by opening up the pores. You may order platza, venik massage(avarage cost in NY is $20) to experience thorow venik treatment.

You can repeat the heating and cooling process as many times as you wish: in Finland most people would have at least two sessions in the hot room. Washing with soap or shampoo is generally part of the sauna routine, usually towards the end of the whole procedure.

Get dressed only after the your body temperature has returned to normal and you have stopped perspiring.
WARNING: the sauna is not recommended for pregnant women and those who suffer cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pulmonary tuberculosis or diseases of the skin or other transmittable diseases.